Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Trek Reunion Fireside "Teaser" Video

I posted this a while ago,
on social media {Instagram and Facebook}

But I just realized today that I never shared it here.

{Every time I watch it I tear up just a little.}

Such amazing memories.

I honestly can hardly WAIT for the final video to be done...

Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick Montana Vacation

Last week I went on a quick roadtrip to Montana.
It was SO fun,
great to see family,
enjoy the beauty of Montana
and have some relaxing fun,
after the crazy frenzy of getting ready for Pioneer Trek.

In no particular order,
here are some of my photos.
{just know there are WAY more than this...}

Lake Seeley, in the morning with mist coming off the lake
{black and white, because I love the contrast!}

canoeing on Lake Seeley
{I was SO scared I would tip and get wet!}

floating the Blackfoot River
{GORGEOUS views!}

Lily loves being on the front of the raft -
especially in the rapids!

Lake Seeley
{Kerrigan's girl's camp was here...}

photo montage
hiking at Blue Mountain at sunset

laying on the lawn with my adorable nieces
{Lily and Kerrigan}

Kerrigan and I at her girl's camp

evening on the lake
{Lake Seeley} this lake not amazingly beautiful?

Morning fog over the lake
{canoeing adventure early morning}

Selfie with Laurel Christensen Day
{who came and spoke at Kerrigan's girls camp fireside}

I jumped with lily on the trampoline...
{she is WAY better than me at "tricks"!}
For whatever it is worth?
I am too old for trampoline jumping!

sunrise over the lily pads at Lake Seeley

Lake Seeley - Sunrise

Whitewater rafting...
Craig made me row for a while,
which, to be honest, was a disaster.
I got us high centered on a rock
and ran into the shore!
{rowing is hard!} rowing.

more morning photos
canoeing on the lake...

another black and white...


view from the dock...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Harry Potter (and JK Rowling!)

In honor of Harry's birthday,
I thought I'd share some random HP fandom stuff.

{I am a complete HP Fangirl, btw}

JK Rowling is a genius at planning things out.

 ha ha ha!
{also, totally true of me!}

They will, if you let them!

you have to love the mischief!

 Maggie Smith - battled breast cancer and shingles while filming,
and powered through.
A true Gryffindor indeed.

If only...

 I need this on a t-shirt.
Because, it's true.
I AM a keeper. 
{wink, wink}

Best line in the entire series.
{I adore the character of Snape}

ha ha ha....

That is all...

Happy Birthday Harry!
Thank you for bringing some magic to my life.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nephews and Nieces

Have I ever mentioned,
how much I adore my nephews and nieces?

Last weekend I had a few of my teenage nephews and a niece
stay at my house.

One was just finishing up a week at BYU at a "Mission Ready" conference
{something like EFY, only missionary oriented}
and two were coming to attend EFY this week.

I had a little "pool party" for them
and invited some of my favorite young women and young men from my stake.

So fun.

Props to all you Mom's out there...

Taking care of kids is hard.
They are messy.

Fun....and awesome,

but messy.

Just saying.  :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pioneer Trek

So let me just say,
I get it, 
my church does some seemingly wacky stuff.

We go to church for 3 hours EVERY Sunday,
and we don't drink coffee, and we volunteer hours of our time to "callings"
which we don't get paid for.

and probably the craziest thing is going on "Pioneer Treks".

The youth dress up like the pioneers 
{long skirts and bonnets and such}
who came across the plains back in the 1800's
to find a place to settle and be allowed the freedom to worship how they wanted.
They pull handcarts across rough terrain for miles on end for three days or so.
They camp and cook and are assigned to "trek families".
and they learn....a lot.

I've been "in charge" of my Stake's Pioneer Trek for several years.
I planned our last trek 4 years ago
{which was a crazy experience}
and I actually planned the one before that too.
You could say Pioneer Trek is kind of  in my blood.
{or for sure, in my heart}


I just got back late Saturday night from my Pioneer Trek,
and oh boy,
it was amazing.

The thing I love most of all about it?
That it helped all of us appreciate our ancestors who went before us.
Those amazing people who made sacrifices we try to duplicate,
but the depth of which we will never, ever be able to fully comprehend.
Some of them didn't make it.

Some made it alone after losing their family members along the way,
due to extreme weather and incomprehensible hardships.

They paved the way for their children and their children's children.

I'm so grateful for them.

And for the spirit that is there at those historic sites in Wyoming.

Oh how I hope that those youth  who came with me can keep that feeling in their hearts,
and carry that through into their regular lives, and know 
without any doubt,

that their is a God above who will help us through it all,
no matter how rough or hard life gets.


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