Thursday, November 5, 2009

Adventures with the Pioneer Woman

or perhaps, more aptly put, "Adventures trying to MEET the Pioneer Woman"

So, last night, my good friend Diane and I went to Salt Lake to go to a book signing.
Sounds fun, no?

It was a little crazy, because I had a conference call
that started at 5:30,

So...Diane and I needed to drive separately.

As soon as I was done with my conference call, I ran to my car, and called Diane.

She warned me that the place was a mad house.
The book signing was set to start in 45 minutes, and there was already
QUITE the line.

Diane had parked 3 blocks away.

I drove as quickly as I could, scored me some awesome parking
(all things considered)
Then hurried to the store.

Chaos reigned.

Diane was inside.
I was outside.
Pioneer woman was speaking and doing a brief Q&A

Here's a lovely picture from her blog

(see the girl standing by the horse painting?
That's my old roommate Jen and her sisters-
More about them to come)

They were "at capacity" so me and the rest of the "B-crowd" waited outside.

Then Ree (Pioneer Woman) worked her way over to the bookstore
(kind-of like a celebrity surrounded by paparazzi - only the celebrity is a totally down-to earth person and the paparazzi are a bunch of blogging Moms!)

I found my friend Diane and we tried to scope out the situation.

Which was thus:

The bookstore had handed out tickets.
Alphabatized tickets.

We had an "N" ticket.
One ticket.
I got there at 10 minutes to 7 - no tickets left.
(boo! to the unprepared bookstore)

I agreed to wait with Diane and she agreed to get me a book signed when she and her golden ticket got in.

So we waited.

It was SUPER cold.

There were oodles of nice fun great people milling about.

Then I ran into my college roommate Jen and her sisters
(remember them from the photo above?
next to the horse painting? totally not worth the 12k, by the way...)

It was fun to see them.
But even BETTER because they had EXTRA tickets.


(That's better than N, by the way...)

But then we waited...
and waited...
and waited...

They were still on


It was going to be a LONG night.

Jen's sister is nursing a baby.
They needed to leave.

I agreed to take Jen's book
(a birthday present from those nice sisters, by the way)
and get it signed.

Especially because they were giving us those H tickets!

Then we waited and waiting some more.

Then I ran into some friends from High School Days..
The Morris Girls
(for those of you who are from Flagstaff)

We had fun talking.
I sat in their car for 5 minutes to warm up

I almost left my H ticket in their car.
Those poor girls had P tickets...

Then the bookstore ran out of books.

But we had Jen's book
And it was her birthday present.

SO we HAD to stay.

And besides...we really wanted to meet Pioneer Woman!



There was cheering when the H's were called.

More long lines and waiting.

But at least it was WARM!

At some point my Morris friend talked her way into the store past the bookstore nazis
to bring me my car keys
(which I apparently left in their car..)

(Thanks Terrilynn!)

And then we got to chat with these two...

Missy and Pioneer Woman's Mother in Law!

They were SO great.
And nice.
And funny.

And finally.

She was so fun.
And so gracious!

We had her sign Jen's book
And our "H" tickets.

She thought that was a little bit crazy, but what can we say?
WE are a little bit crazy.

I couldn't take a focused picture to save my life...
(sort of forgot to turn on the flash)
I think I was star-struck and just couldn't get it right.
(so sorry Diane!)

But part 2 of the story?

My AMAZING brother Alan
is waiting in line
as I type this
at the book signing tonight in Arizona...
He's been there for 5 hours now...
He's holding 3 cookbooks.
One for him, one for me, and one for Diane!

Already signed by Missy and PW's Mother in Law!
(they TOTALLY remembered us,
the crazies who didn't have books and still waited hours in line!)

Hopefully he will get to meet PW soon...

Because the debt I am incurring to him is mounting with every passing minute...

(Thanks Alan!!!)


Kathy said...

Sounds like a total blast!

Spencer and Kimberly said...

That's awesome you guys got to meet her!

deedlebug said...

I am eternally indebted to Alan and now consider him to be a part of MY family as well. I have never met you Alan but I love you just the same. You ROCK!!!! Thank You a MILLION times over!

jen said...

Thank you again for all your hard work! You are a true friend. Cant wait for our roommate party.

deedlebug said...

You have someone from Perth, Australia JULIE!!! You Rock!

Becky said...

Was your brother in the M or N group in Phoenix? I totally remember him. He was there a long time and being one of the only guys left in the room at that point, he made quite the impression!

Chris O said...

Julie! You're famous! And now I get to shamelessly milk my friendship with you! Hooray!

Alan said...

In response to Becky... I was in the "didn't buy the book at the store so you don't get a letter and have to wait until all the people with letters go group" P.S. Jules Bec mailed the books to you today so they should be arriving shortly - Hooray! Think I might make PW's Chocolate pie tonight, have to start picking out what pies are going to make it to the table for Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving... are you going to make the famous Sweet potato souffle for Leigh Anne?

Reflections of Heart said...

What a great time! I'm so glad that Alan was able to get the books for you and you all had a wonderful adventure to remember for a lifetime! How cool! Happy Cooking and can't wait to here of your own adventures with PW dishes!

Amber Baker said...

well, I finally found your blog! How fun! It was fun having lunch yesterday! Can't wait to hear about more of your adventures.


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